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Fun, immersive trips to exciting destinations. Designed for photography by a photographer.

Great Tours Make Great Photos

Standard, packaged tours don't cut it if you're looking to take great photos. Whether a pro or a newcomer, we give you the optimal photography experience: private guides, ideal conditions with unobstructed views of your subject, power in remote locations, and great light. First class accommodations too!

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I’ve partnered with Hoopoe Safaris, one of the best adventure travel and ecotourism companies in the world, to help ensure an amazing experience for my clients. I’ve also worked with LensProToGo to give my customers great deals on lens and camera rentals for their trip!

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My Next Tour

My next tour will be in Botswana in December 2024. We’ll visit the Okavango Delta and private concessions on this exciting 9-day safari. Capture images of breathtaking landscapes and wildlife from land, boat, and mokoro while staying in luxury camps with great food and amenities.

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