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Upcoming Tours:

Beautiful Botswana – December 2024

Authentic Tanzania – June 2025

Why choose Dave Burns Photo Tours?

Why settle for a standard, crowded, packaged safari tour? I design my trips to combine the high standards of a luxury safari tour with a mind-set, itinerary, and important logistical details that address the needs of photographers. Specifically:

Exclusive Camps.

I stay at camps that are small, comfortable, and perfectly located: away from the crowds but close to the wildlife.

Expert Guides.

I use some of the best guides in East Africa. Their knowledge will amaze you and their warm personalities will form fast friendships.


Everyone on my trips gets an entire row in the safari vehicle to themselves. Photographers on safari need space for their gear and unobstructed views of the wildlife.


Plenty of electricity to recharge batteries. Digital cameras and laptops use a lot of power and photographers need to know they can use them without restriction.

Pro Advice.

I’m a professional photographer and lead every tour to give you useful and informative instruction and advice both in the field and back at camp.


Good wildlife photography requires patience and sometimes you have to wait for the magic moment to snap the shutter. Being surrounded by like-minded photographers means no one is rushing you to move on when you would prefer to stay with a subject.

Small Groups.

I keep the group size small (6-12 photographers) so we can travel light and fast, and not disturb the wildlife.

Extra Weight.

Photo gear is heavy, especially the big lenses for wildlife, and that can make air travel tough. Flights on small planes usually come with weight limits but I’ve arranged for increased allowances.