Testimonials from Past Travelers

Working with Dave Burns from beginning to end was a great experience. We always felt confident in his planning and his communication to us was outstanding. The Tanzania partners he used were knowledgeable and friendly and made for seamless travel while in country. Highly recommend, if you want to really experience Africa and continue to rave about the experience, that you choose Dave Burns to plan the perfect trip.

CB – Wilmington, MA

This safari exceeded any expectations I had. It is a great way to get lots of quality photos and video opportunities from the safety of a vehicle. It was truly an exceptional way to get close up and personal to the wildlife of Africa in their native habitat. Dave was well organized and each day was full of new wildlife. The guides were almost unbelievable in their ability to spot and identify all of the wildlife we encountered. A great value for the money!!!

RM – Glen Carbon, IL

This was my first safari and I was in awe the entire time. It was an inspiring, visionary and sensual delight every single day! The accommodations, the people, the itinerary, the early morning light. I felt I entered a world that few people ever see but you MUST see it to know how beautiful this world can be. A wonderful experience filled with majestic visuals, raw natural beauty, cosmic luminence and sheer delight.

This was my first safari and was an absolute delight thanks to Dave Burns and his many special touches and attention to detail. A wonderful experience that I recommend to anyone who is stimulated by raw, natural beauty, visual excitement, magical environments and magnificent animals. It was a sensual delight on EVERY level!

DM – Philadelphia, PA

I thoroughly recommend Dave for a thorough and intimate photographic journey through Tanzania. In my case, the physical limitations I placed were accommodated to an extreme. You did more than I expected to enable me to take advantage of everything offered.

DC – Buffalo, NY

The best part of the trip was photographing everything! What else could that be?!! The trip exceeded my expectations.

WM – Arlington, MA

Dave was a very special traveling companion and guide. That’s what sets him apart from other photo trips I’ve been on.

MP – Philadelphia, PA

My 3rd safari with Dave. The landscape and animals were great. I like the care with which you prepare and operate your trips, which is why I signed up again.

RK – Edwardsville, IL

As a photo safari, this is as good as it gets. There was plenty of time allowed to let interesting scenarios play out: crows vs jackals, lion family members interacting, etc. We had point-and-shoot cameras, and that was plenty good; after all, most animals come within a few yards of the Land Cruiser. And Dave is there to answer photo questions if you want … but not hovering if you don’t need the help.

The driver/guides were the best. They freely shared their knowledge, with guide books for our further reading. They never lost their sense of humor: Ask your guide about “checking the spare tire.” We’ve stayed in touch with our guide.

Dave provides plenty of space in the Land Cruisers … two seats per passenger … lots of room for your “stuff.” We saw many other safari vehicles with passengers packed in like sardines. The terrain is rough, and having space to move really adds to the comfort. Dave provided power strips so that we could charge batteries while touring.

The itinerary was well chosen to give us a good mix of the various habitats in Tanzania: Tarangire National Park, with its lowlands; the Ngorongoro Crater, with its own “enclosed” ecosystem, and The Serengeti National Park, the huge savanna.

All the lodgings were tops: The tented camp, with its queen beds, reminded us of stories of the great explorers. The food was excellent, and the service made all the difference: being served hot soup in our cozy dry tent, while the downpour raged outside was truly a touch of class.

From the time when we were met at the airport until the time when we were dropped off for our return trip home, all the connections were seamlessly smooth.

And, incidentally, consider adding a day at the beginning and end of the tour. This extra time made adjustment to the time zone change the first day, and departure the last day so much more pleasant.

JF – Shepherdstown, WV

There is a world of difference between traveling with people who want to see wildlife and traveling with people who want to photograph wildlife. Dave knows what photographers want and need to get that great shot. We were out in the field for early morning and late afternoon light. We had incredible sightings.

I was incredibly impressed with our guide. He was knowledgeable, understood animal behavior, and knew how to position the vehicle for a good shot while remaining respectful to the animals. He also understood the light that photographers want and the patience needed to get a good shot.

Dave described his process in Lightroom’s Develop module in a straightforward manner. Because of his clear explanations, I was able, after a bit of experimentation and tweaking, to create a process that is my own. His answers to my questions were easy to understand.

Dave is a technical problem solver, something that can come in handy when you’re in the middle of a photo-equipment wasteland. Halfway through the safari, my camera stopped responding. Dave figured out that the camera was having problems writing to the new compact flash card I purchased just before the trip. I put the card aside and he loaned me one of his.

I can wholeheartedly recommend traveling with Dave Burns.”

NF – Somerville, MA

My trip with Dave Burns Photo Tours was my first to Africa and it has been one of my best trips ever. It was very well organized. We had plenty of time to watch animals and take pictures. I am still a beginner when it comes to photography, and Dave was of great help to me when I wanted support. I always felt comfortable asking questions. His advice was at just the right level, useful, and never condescending.

Also the local safari company he works with in Tanzania is top notch – the guides were very friendly, great drivers and animal spotters. When I compared notes with friends back home who have also been to Africa, I knew I was really lucky with my experience. I look forward to another opportunity of joining a trip with Dave.”

PD – Munich, Germany

I took an incredible trip to Tanzania with Dave Burns Photo Tours in November, 2012. Our guides put us in the right locations at the right times to see a spectacular amount and variety of wildlife … away from the crush of other tourist vehicles.

Over the course of one morning in the Serengeti, we saw so many lion that we lost count (I thought there were 28, but another person on the tour thought there were 36!). On a different day in a remote area of the Serengeti with no other tourists around, we tracked the most beautiful cheetah. In another moment that seemed too-good-to-be-true, we came upon an open area in Tarangire National Park at just the time that several large elephant families and multiple bulls convened to munch on acacia trees before heading down to a watering hole. There were more than 100 elephant in our field of view and it was truly one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever witnessed.

My experience in Tanzania was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend this trip with Dave Burns. He has researched locations and local partners incredibly well to provide his clients with an unforgettable tour of some of the most iconic safari locations in the world. I know I will share stories and photos from this trip for the rest of my life.”

MM – Boston, MA

I was just beginning to use Lightroom when I went on this trip. Dave came to my tent and showed me how to import files and make a preset. I was able to immediately start downloading into Lightroom while on safari.

One of the values of traveling with Dave is his knowledge of the local safari company. The guides were very experienced. They understood the seasonal movements of the animals, and knew where to take us to find wildlife. The sightings were wonderful. We had many opportunities to take great photographs. We traveled in a small group, and everyone had plenty of room for their photo gear. Dave organized the safari and all the many details of lodging, park fees, and permits so we could focus on photography.”

PM – Somerville, MA