Fall 2013 Photo Safari – Trip Report, Day 3

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Klipspringer, Tarangire NP, Tanzania
Klipspringer, Tarangire NP, Tanzania
1/640 at f/5.6. ISO 640

Today was our last full day in the park so we took the opportunity to explore a deeper, remote section that I’d never seen before. On our way south, we stopped to watch two male lions who crossed the road right behind our vehicle. They were calling to each other and when they’re that close, you really feel it in your chest.

It was interesting to see different behavior in the elephants in this more remote area. Since they don’t see humans as frequently, they were much more skittish around us. When they had babies with them, they would immediately form a circle around them, facing outward in order to protect them.

After driving through the beautiful umbrella thorn trees and flat-topped acacia trees, we drove back north. Near Tarangire Hill, we saw a klipspringer in the rocks, a small antelope you don’t see very often. We saw many birds along this route including goshawks, eagles (including my favorite, the Bateleur), doves, and nightjars.

As we approached home, we came upon a different pair of mating lions than we saw yesterday but they didn’t give us any show. Lazy!

— Dave

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