Through Loliondo: from Lake Natron to Northern Serengeti

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Sunrise over Lake Natron
Sunrise over Lake Natron
Fuji X-Pro2, 100-400mm @ 225, 1/250 @ f/5, ISO 500

The next morning, we awoke to low cloud cover and a beautiful sunrise. After breakfast, we left Natron and drove up through Loliondo towards the northern Serengeti. The light developed beautifully as we drove north up the west side of Lake Natron.

Rays on Lake Natron
Rays on Lake Natron
Fuji X-T1, 18-55mm @ 55, 1/420 @ f/13, ISO 200

Since it was a travel day, things were somewhat uneventful in terms of wildlife. We passed through a few small towns and I noted that some of the remote landscapes in Loliondo resemble the American Southwest.

Loliondo Panorama
Loliondo Panorama
iPhone 6s

We stopped in Wasso for lunch and then at Maasai Honey in Ololosokwan Village which is a co-op for Maasai women to generate income by selling the local honey. Can you get some in the States? No, it’s successful enough that they sell out just from local sales. Seems like a successful development story.

Maasai Honey - Outside
Maasai Honey – Outside
Maasai Honey - Inside
Maasai Honey – Inside

In late afternoon, we passed through the park gate and made our way to our mobile camp south of Kogatende. As we wound our way through the rolling hills of the northern Serengeti, the open grass was heaving with herds of wildebeest. This was an encouraging sign for our chances to photograph a river crossing the next day.

Herds near Kogatende
Herds near Kogatende
Fuji X-Pro2, 100-400mm @ 400, 1/400 @ f/9, ISO 200

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