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Photo of the Day – Elephants in a Row

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One of the best places to see elephant in Tanzania is in Tarangire National Park, especially in the dry season as the large herds congregate around the river. We caught this group on an overcast day with the matriarch and her daughters leading their young ones down to the river for a drink.

Elephants In a Row
Canon 40D Infrared, 1/320 at f/8, ISO 400

Photo of the Day – Elephant Between Two Trees

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We came across this elephant on my photo safari last October in Tarangire National Park. While the elephants in the northern part of the park are more accustomed to safari vehicles, we took a long drive that day to the southern areas near the Gursi Swamp where the elephants are more skittish. This one turned from browsing this tree and I waited for him to flare his ears at me before I snapped the shutter.

I intentionally left the elephant smaller in the frame so that the photograph shows the surrounding environment and I love the look that my infrared camera gives to the trees and sky.

Elephant Between Two Trees
Canon 5DMk2 Infrared, 1/160 at f/11, ISO 100

Gallery Exhibit Opens August 16th: Photo-Technic

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Elephant Family Walking Under Tree
Elephant Family Walking Under Tree – Tarangire NP, Tanzania

I’m excited to announce that I am in a two-person exhibit titled Photo-Technic opening in two weeks at the Alex Ferrone Photography Gallery on the North Fork of Long Island. Photo-Technic is about alternative photographic processes and all of my work in this exhibit is infrared photography from my photo tours to Tanzania. Gerry Giliberti is also in the exhibit and he is showing work created with the Lumen and Solar Plate Printing processes. You can see the official press release here.

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Speaking at the Photographic Society of Parker River NWR on August 10

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Elephant Family Walking Under Tree
Elephant Family Walking Under Tree – Tarangire NP, Tanzania

At 1:30pm on Saturday, August 10, I will be the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Photographic Society of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. My topic is digital infrared photography – something I have done a lot of lately on my African photo safaris. Both of the photographs in this post are infrared photographs and you can click here to see more of my infrared work.

I’ll show lots of photographs, how the infrared photography process works, and speak about some of the challenges involved. Although alternative processes always have a technical side, I’ll keep the jargon to a minimum.

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A Panorama of the Tarangire River in Tanzania

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Tarangire River Overlook - Tanzania, 2012

I just posted a new infrared panorama that I created on my last safari to Tanzania. You can see it directly by clicking here or from the link in my Panoramas gallery.

The image is one of my favorite views in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. The Tarangire River winds below you with trees extending beyond that to the horizon including many of the baobabs for which Tarangire is famous. The dramatic clouds that day gave our group the big Africa sky we had hoped for.

I stitched the panorama in Photoshop from 6 separate images made with a DSLR I had modified to make infrared images. I then shared the image using a plugin I wrote for Adobe Lightroom that creates a mashup with Google Maps and image tiles that I provide.

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