Print Sale: Boat and Reflection of Colorful Houses

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I just sold a framed print of Boat and Reflection of Colorful Houses: 10 x 18 inches plus matte and frame. When someone buys a print, I always enjoy telling them the story behind the photo.

Boat and Reflection of Colorful Houses
Boat and Reflection of Colorful Houses

This image was taken on a trip to Italy in May, 2008.

There are two islands a boat ride away from Venice that are worth a day trip: Murano and Burano. Take a vaporetto (water taxi) from Venice in the morning and spend half a day on each. Murano is known for its glass shops and the intricate, colorful glass they blow right in front of you. While the product that Burano is known for its lace, the thing photographers know it for is its colorful houses and buildings. It seems no color is too saturated or intense and some houses look like they can burn your retinas. Combine that with reflections of these colors off of canals right in front of the houses and you have what photographers call a “target rich environment.”

Walking down one of the canals, I saw this red boat moored to one side and I made several exposures. It has become one of my best-selling images, both in print and in canvas.

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