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The Best Time of Year to go on Safari in Tanzania

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Since I schedule safaris at different times during the year, one of the questions I’m frequently asked is, which time of year is best to go?

Honestly, there’s no bad time to go but things will be different depending on when you choose: sometimes there are greener landscapes, sometimes cooler temperatures, etc. Here is more detail:

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New Photo Safari to the Serengeti in March 2017

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Elephant and Photographers in Ngorongoro Crater

Last week’s gallery opening in Arlington, MA was a big success. For those of you who aren’t local or couldn’t make it, I’ll post the images of Paris that I’m showing there over the coming weeks on my Facebook page – be sure to follow me there.

In Photo Tour news, my March 2017 photo safari is now ready and listed on this site and I’m excited that I can offer it at the same price as my 2016 tour. It’s an amazing 11-day, 10-night safari where you will stay at exclusive camps right in the parks. I’ve designed it to put you right in the middle of the action so you can come home with great images.

March is at the end of the foaling season in the Serengeti: you will see young zebras and wildebeest among the herds. The Ngorongoro Crater is lush and green and Tarangire is full of amazing baobabs and elephants for us to photograph. You can find all of the details about this safari here.

Contact me soon if you would like to join the group on this great photographic opportunity!

Safari njema!

Lion and Wildebeest in the Crater


Print Sale: Flamingos Taking Off

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I just sold a canvas of Flamingos Taking Off. When someone buys a print, I always enjoy telling them the story behind the photo.

Flamingos Taking Off
Flamingos Taking Off

I took this image of Lesser Flamingos while visiting the Serengeti in Spring of 2012 on one of my photo tours that I lead in Tanzania.

On March 16th, our group drove to sunset at Lake Ndutu, an area just off the southern tip of the Serengeti where the famed migration is at that time of year. Lake Ndutu is packed with flamingos but I noticed this group of six wading together very tightly and followed them with my lens for several minutes. My patience paid off because, suddenly, they formed a line and started running. I pressed the shutter button as the first in line spread its wings to take flight. Seconds later, they were all in the air.

Photo of the Day – Bat-Eared Foxes

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One morning on one of my photo safaris, we came across a large family of Bat-Eared Foxes in the short-grass plains of Ndutu near the southern Serengeti. These two nuzzled for a while, with the one looking like it was thinking, “A little to the left…ahhh…that’s the spot.”

A Little to the Left. Ah...
Canon 5DMk2, 500mm f/4 lens, 1/800 at f/8, ISO 400

Photo of the Day – Cheetah and Cub in Sunlight

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We came across this cheetah mother and cub in the short-grass plains of Ndutu on one of my photo safaris. In this photo, she patiently scanned the horizon for game to feed this and three other cubs and that patience paid off. We watched her hunt from the beginning, when she stalked a herd of gazelle, to the end when she walked out of the dust cloud that her running she had created. She carried one back to her cubs in her mouth and we stayed with them while the sun set and they fed – about another hour or so. One of the most magical moments I’ve had on my many safaris.

Cheetah and Cub in Sunlight
Canon 5DMk2, 1/1000 at f/8, ISO 400